Sound Therapy Machines Reviewed


Marsona TSC-330 White Noise Machine

Marsona TSC-330 white noise machine

Marsona TSC-330 White Noise Machine

The Marsona TSC-330 White Noise Machine is a small-ish sound therapy machine that you can take on the road with you. Who hasn't been in a hotel/motel room and been disturbed by noisy guests? Banish the noisy guests on your hotel floor by masking their sounds with this sound therapy machine!

The Marsona is about the size of a thick paperback novel, so is definitely smaller than competitors "non-travel" sound machines. However, it does have a bulky AC adapter with the power brick on the end. It fits fine in a standard suitcase, but if you're only taking a small overnight bag, then it does take up a bit more room than you'll probably like. The unit does have a battery pack so you can leave the AC adpater at home, but it too is somewhat bulky.

The sound is very good for such a small sound therapy unit; base is suprisingly robust.  Sounds include rain, waterfall, and surf.  This unit is much more than just a white noise generator.

The unit comes with it's own travel pouch and is extremely light, although the AC adapter is heavier.

This travel unit has earned high accolades from owners who are often on the road.  Don't go on a trip without one!

Product dimensions:  7.7 x 5.7 x 2.6 inches; 1 lb.