Sound Therapy Machines Reviewed


Sound Therapy to Help You Sleep

You've come to the right place to judge which sound therapy machine is right for you. Here we've assembled the top selling sound therapy machines along with white noise machines (also known as a white noise generator) and Sleep Music machines to choose from based on your needs.  These are the best selling and most highly rated machines for providing white noise and/or sleep music.  Take note that these are the highest rated primarily due to the fact that they don't use cheap, looping sound chips.  All the machines in the right column are unique in their own right and will give wonderful sound quality.  But with the cheap machines, you can easily tell when the recording ends and starts back up again (looping), so a cheap machine can actually keep someone awake as you anticipate, and then listen for, the next bump in the loop, meaning the recording is starting up again.  You won't find that issue with these sound machines listed here!

White noise machines and sound therapy machines are used for sound masking, traditionally when having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, due to external sounds. There are several manufacturers on the market, with everything from cheapy machines (again, that will easily be heard using "loops" in their sound patterns) to moderately expensive machines which deliver quality sound, ensuring a restful, good nights sleep for even the most light sleeper.  We use one and have for several years... having tried a few, the last several months we're using the Ecotones Duet Adaptive Therapy Sound Machine and are very happy with it.  But, read up on the others first before making a decision!

These sound therapy machines, also known as sleep thereapy machines, are also very helpful to people who struggle with sleep disorders such as insomnia or restlessness. The different sounds which a quality machine can eminate can definitely be helpful in inducing sleep, as well as blocking nighttime noises that can interrupt sleep.
Antoher obvious benefactor would be those who have to sleep with one who snores. Despite many wonderful products on the market today to quell snoring, it still ocurrs regularly with many people (I should know, I am one... even after having my throat "lasered", I still snore if on my back!) A quality sleep music or white noise machine can mask such disturbing snoring sounds.

Yet another possible use for a white noise generator is in an open concept office, where even low volume talking from co-workers several yards away can be disturbing to your concentration.  One of these quality machines is the next best thing to having your own office.  I've worked in open concept offices in the past where it was virtually impossible to concentrate, thanks to co-workers chatter!  A white noise machine can effectively mask the noise of their incessant nattering while others are trying to work.

So without further ado, here are the top selling, and highest rated, sound therapy machines on the market today.  Choose from the links on the right or the slideshow selection on the left to find out more about the machine that most interests you!

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